Tuesday, January 2, 2007

MySpace ... the medium for internet marketing

Do you have a MySpace account? It's a must for netpreneur.

If you just heard of MySpace, means you're still new in the world of internet. Being among the largest subscriber base in the world, it offers a lot of opportunities meeting new people from all over the world. Besides expanding your circle of friends, it also offers you tools to market your online & offline products.

You can choose your preferred type of people that you want to deal with and this indirectly covers your privacy vice versa. Thus, only people who agrees to be your friend will be accepted in their contact list.

Mmm ... contact list.. does this sound familiar? It sure does for the netpreneur. With this list of friends, you can send any message or promote your product again and again. And this is not considered as spam because if your 'friend' do not want you anymore, he/she may delete you from their list. The trick is that get as many friends as possible (you should have a target) then only promote your products.

Building up your list may take time but its worth the effort. However, there are also some other means to promote your product in MySpace. For example, posting some bulletins in MySpace groups that have the same interest. You can use this groups to promote your adsense websites and affiliate programs as well.

Try it!

p/s - I am offering you a 4-part Video Course which is going to take you step-by-step from choosing a niche to marketing to your targeted group. For more details, send email to mhasafi@gmail.com with a subject "Video Course".

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