Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Search Result on Adsense

Today, when I search for the word 'Adsense' in inventory.overture.com , the result was amazing. There were 24,128 search for the word back in October 2006.

Below are the top 20 of the result. The numbers on the left represent total search for the word/phrase;

24128 adsense
12119 google adsense
6950 adsense adsense code google making money never told
3466 adsense advertising adwords apis cashing google google in tool
2852 adsense adwords google information marketing
1180 yahoo adsense
1157 adsense title
1098 make money with adsense
999 adsense intitle
982 how to make money with google adsense
946 top paying keyword adsense
892 adsense advertising easy google make money program using
892 adsense tool
859 google.com adsense
840 adsense advertising adwords google googles making most
790 adsense web site
787 adsense template
778 adsense secret
699 keyword adsense
624 adsense tip

To compare with Google search result, we need to follow the rule of thumb ie. Google search is around 3 times more on the result produced by Overture. That's really incredible. The result also means that Google Adsense is still a popular program for internet/online income seekers.

Do you have one?

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